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D!ck Krommenhoek



The initiative for the Territorial Pop Group 'GRACE' of The Salvation Army in the Netherlands was taken by the territorial commander, Commissioner Anton Verwaal in 1974, when he commissioned Dick Krommenhoek to start this group.


The official installation of 'GRACE' was in 1975 during the Territorial Music Councils with the founder members: Dick Krommenhoek (lead vocals, piano, Hammond and Fender Rhodes), Guus Mast (bass guitar), Theo Kruisenga (percussion), Herbert Mast (lead and rhythm guitar), Lientje Mast-Krommenhoek (vocals), Mirjam Kaldenbach (vocals), Astrid Kaldenbach (vocals) and Hans Heerlien (vocals).


Over the 7 years of its existence, 'GRACE' ministered to many people, particularly in places where the message of Jesus is not normally heard, such as prisons, schools, a military base and entertainment centres.

In addition 'GRACE' played on television shows as well as in Salvation Army meetings and events and in church services.


'GRACE' toured England twice, once being when they were an official musical performance group for the International Congress in London in 1978.

The final event that marked the 'GRACE' era was their tour to Australia in the spring of 1981. For this tour a promotion video was made which can be watched by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.


'GRACE' developed its own sound and musical style. The music for almost all the songs for ´GRACE´ was written by Dick Krommenhoek. Many of these were later published by The Salvation Army in London and in many other countries around the world and now, these many years later, are still widely used.


Those who were also members of ´GRACE´ over the 7 years of its existence were:

Hans de Wit, Vibeke Krommenhoek, Febe van Nee, Liseon Bol, Patra Bor and Jolanda Onstenk.

Rob de Slegte and Ron Mostaard were associate members in the field of management and technique.


`GRACE` LP - JESUS - 1978

`GRACE` Live Radio Recording - 1981

`GRACE` Australia Tour - Promotion Video 1981

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