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D!ck Krommenhoek

Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek, Salvation Army Music Krommenhoek

´GRACE´ LP recorded in 1978

Recorded Dali Press Studio´s b.v., Nederhorst den Berg

With the purchase of this LP you have brought into your home the National Pop Group of the Salvation Army, seven enthusiastic Salvationists. The songs presented differ from the sparkling and exuberant to the quiet and devotional. Music-making in itself is not the most important aspect of the service given by this group. Whilst they aim for the highest possible music standards, they realise that sounds alone cannot change lives. We hope that as you listen, not only will you find great pleasure and satisfaction but that you will be aware that the basis for this musical expression lies in a personal faith in Jesus Christ.

01 - Draw me nearer                                Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Fanny Crosby

02 - This is why                                          Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Elisha A. Hoffman

03 - Blessed assurance                           Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Fanny Crosby

04 - Let his light shine through            Music & lyrics: Dick Krommenhoek

05 - Altijd luistert hij                                Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Corrie Krommenhoek-Oerlemans

06 - O happy day                                       Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Philip Doddridge

07 - Jesus                                                    Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Harry Read

08 - Happy man                                         Music & lyrics: Herbert Mast

09 - Sadness / Gladness                          Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Erica Bilder

10 - Vouw toch je handen                       Music: Dick Krommenhoek  /  Lyrics: Corrie Krommenhoek-Oerlemans

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