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D!ck Krommenhoek

Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek, Salvation Army Music Krommenhoek

Dick Krommenhoek was born to Salvation Army officer parents in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 1952. Together with his sister he was involved in Army activities throughout his childhood.


By the age of 14, he had begun composing music, and his many compositions are widely used throughout the Army world.


In 1974 Dick graduated as a chemical analyst, continuing his studies for seven years at the Amsterdam Conservatory, receiving a Master's Degree as a professional orchestral and choir conductor in 1981.


In 1974, Dick met his Danish wife-to-be, Vibeke Schou Larsen, during an international student camp in The Netherlands. They were married in 1978.


In 1981 the Krommenhoeks entered the International Training College in London. When commissioned, they were appointed to The Netherlands as corps officers. Both their children, Daniël (1983) and Solvej (1985) were born in Hoogeveen. 

Their next appointment was to THQ, Dick being appointed Territorial Music Secretary and conductor of the Amsterdam Staff Band and Songsters.


In September 1991, he was appointed Divisional Commander of the Netherlands Southern Division, returning to THQ in March 1995 as Editor-in-Chief/Literary Secretary, at the same time being re-appointed Territorial Music Secretary.


In 1990 Dick became a member of the Army's International Music Council, the International Literary Council and the International Communication Council.


In the summer of 1997, the Krommenhoeks moved to Denmark, where Dick was appointed Financial and Property Secretary, becoming Chief Secretary in September 2000 and Territorial Commander soon after.


Four years later, the couple moved to France where Dick became Territorial Commander. This change of appointment brought to an end the Krommenhoeks' living together as a family, Daniël and Solvej staying behind in Copenhagen.


On 1 November 2006, Commissioner Krommenhoek was appointed General’s Representative for Global Evangelisation, which resulted in The Salvation Army being launched in eight new countries.


Two years later, in October 2008, Dick was appointed Territorial Commander for Finland & Estonia.


From February 2013, to July 2016, Commissioner Dick Krommenhoek has served as the Territorial Commander for Norway, Iceland and the Færoes territory.


Commissioners Dick & Vibeke Krommenhoek indicated their desire to serve the remaining two years of their active officership as corps officers in their home territory. The General gave his approval to this, resulting in that the Krommenhoeks, since August 2016, have taken up responsibility for the Zeist corps in the Netherlands.

Since June 2018, Commissioners Dick and Vibeke Krommenhoek have entered retirement from active service as Salvation Army officers. For the time being they have volunteered to continue their leadership of Zeist corps in the Netherlands.

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