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D!ck Krommenhoek



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USE ME, JESUS, AS YOU NEED                                   

Music & Lyrics: Dick Krommenhoek                       




In 2009 I wrote the chorus for a concert I did in New York and since then I intended to add some verses to make it into a song, but I did not really know from which angle to approach this. Almost four years later the verses started to grow in my mind as I realized that when inviting people to kneel at the mercy seat, we often turn to the same songs and choruses, of which only a few really voice the topics which I believe are essential for the message of The Salvation Army of today.


Through a powerful message from the word of God, a time of prayer, someone’s testimony or music and song, we can enter into God’s holy presence, as Psalm 96 encourages us to do - ‘Worship the Lord in the splendour of holiness’ – and finding ourselves immersed in holy splendour. 

One of the worst things threatening the life and spirit of The Salvation Army is for Salvationists to discard ‘holiness’ as something dusty that might have been meaningful in the past but has no relevance for today’s generation, whereas in reality it is the most absolutely beautiful thing we can ever experience. It is the experience of full immersion in the Spirit of Jesus by which we enter into the splendour of God’s holiness. 

Once we have ‘worshipped ourselves into the splendour of God’s holiness’, everything else - like money, career, position and academic degrees - suddenly does not seem to be that important anymore. That experience of utmost liberation can move us to tears. 

However beautiful it is to be moved by the splendour of God’s holiness, it should not end there. It is not intended to be an aim in itself, like a spiritual lollypop enjoyed for the sake of it and when it pleases us. In the end, the ultimate question is: ‘What am I moved to?’ Jesus says: ‘As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.’(John 20: 21) When our hearts are moved by the splendour of God’s holiness we are compelled to move into the world, to be and to do as Jesus would do. We are moved to bring justice and love to the victims of trafficking; moved to be the friend of a teen who is filled with anger; moved to bring solace to the addicted and their desperate parents; moved to care for the lonely; moved to tell the world of God’s amazing grace. And for many it should mean being moved to officership in The Salvation Army. 

May we all have the courage to willingly allow the Holy Spirit to move us to doing as Jesus would do, by going into a hurting world that cries for love –God’s love. 
Use me, Jesus, as you need! 



The song is written to be used for congregational singing during prayer time and altar call. However, the song also lends itself for choral singing.


The song works well with piano, provided the harmony is played as written.

Singing the song in 4-part harmony is quite easy. This is, however, not the case for bar 15 and 16. Here I chose harmonic attractiveness over user-friendliness, for which I humbly apologise!

The brass accompaniment includes a modulation to repeating the final chorus a semitone up. The brass parts can be obtained from the ´downloads section´ on this page.



English - Lyrics (1 Page)

Norwegian - SATB + piano (2 Pages)

Norwegian - Lyrics (1 Page)

Brass Arrangement/Accompaniment (Full Score +16 Parts)

Program Notes (1 Page)




             Use me, Jesus, as you need - FINALE MP3 file



SATB + piano or brass

English / Norwegian

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