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D!ck Krommenhoek



START YOUR REVIVAL IN ME                                   

Music & Lyrics: Dick Krommenhoek                       




Written in April 2013 for the Europe Zonal Conference in Lisbon. The members consisted of all Territorial and Command leaders, the Women’s Ministries Secretaries, the Chief Secretaries and General Secretaries from The Salvation Army’s Europe Zone and the staff of the Europe Department, IHQ. The conference was led by General Linda Bond.


The world premiere of the song was when the members of the April 2013 Europe Zonal Conference as well as the conference leader, General Linda Bond, performed this song on Sunday, 7 April in the Colares Salvation Army Corps in Portugal. The link to a smartphone video file of this occasion can be accessed from the link-section below.



There have been moments in the history of The Salvation Army when the Holy Spirit was given so much space in the hearts and lives of God´s people, releasing such an extraordinary and powerful movement of the Spirit that whole communities responded to the message of Jesus.


The recurring factors of revival are prayer, evangelism and God´s people making Jesus visible in their local communities by making a difference in the lives of the marginalised.


It is my absolute conviction that The Salvation Army desperately needs revival.

If we´re really serious about revival in The Salvation Army, we must pray for it, teach it, preach it, talk about it and sing about it!


“Revival evolves when God´s people wakeup for the mission he has given them, to which they dedicate themselves, fuelled by an inner fire. These come together as Kingdom passion, resulting in new life, new initiatives, more people getting saved and becoming disciples of Jesus Christ.” (Major Jostein Nielsen - Norway)



´Start your revival in me´ is a lively, upbeat song in Gospel style. The song can be used in SATB or in unison for small or large choir or singing group. The song can also serve well for congregational singing. For whatever use, the song needs a capable pianist who is not only able to play the notes, but who can play the gospel feel.



English - SATB + piano accompaniment (3 Pages)

English - Lyrics (1 Page)

Norwegian - SATB + piano accompaniment (3 Pages)

Norwegian - Lyrics (1 Page)

Start your revival in me - Program Notes (1 Page)



Smartphone video recording of Colares Corps in Portugal 7 April 2013






















Video Recording of a Corps in Nederlands August 4th, 2013





SATB + piano / Congregational singing

English / Norwegian

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