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D!ck Krommenhoek



PRAISE THE LORD! HALLELUJA!                         SATB + piano or brass / Congregational singing

Music: Dick Krommenhoek                                   Dutch* / English

Lyrics: Corrie Krommenhoek-Oerlemans


* The Dutch original version is published in ´Liederen van het Leger des Heils - 2007´ / Song No. 38´. This is available from: Hoofdkwartier Leger des Heils – Spoordreef 10, 1315 GN Almere, The Netherlands.




Written for the 1985 Territorial Music Councils in the Netherlands, where the song was introduced for congregational singing by massed chorus, accompanied by the Amsterdam Staff Band.

The link section of this page offers the option to see this première performance.



From the 1980s the Army started to import Praise & Worship songs from other denominations. This happened simultaneously with the relinquishing of the screening system for music that could be used in the Army. A good proportion of these songs were an enrichment to our SA repertoire, but the lack of any kind of filter, also meant that our repertoire was polluted by ever-repeated one-liner songs, more often than not highlighting differing theological elements and priorities from our own.


For this reason The Salvation Army in the Netherlands decided to ask their Salvationist writers to compose Praise & Worship songs for congregational singing.

Praise the Lord! Halleluja! was one of the contributions my mother and I made to this type of song. In the chorus God is praised for the gift of Jesus, whilst the verses highlight the wonderful truths of why it is we bring our praises to God.



This song is written for congregational use and any gathering can learn to sing it in no time.

The song can be sung in unison throughout, but singing the chorus in harmony, as written, will add to the enjoyment.

The song works well with the supplied piano accompaniment. However, singing the song with brass accompaniment adds enormously to the song experience.

The introduction in the piano part is completely different from the one in the brass accompaniment. This is because the richness of a brass band that is exploited in the introduction doesn’t lend itself to being played on the piano.



English – SATB + piano (2 pages)

English – Lyrics (1 page)

Dutch – Lyrics (1 page)

Brass accompaniment – (Full Score + 16 Parts)

Praise the Lord! Hallelujah! – Program Notes (1 page)




            Praise the Lord! Halleluja! - 1985 Territorial Music Council (Sound File)

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