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D!ck Krommenhoek


Let Him Do a Miracle in You!

CD by Dick Krommenhoek

 Available on Spotify, iTunes,  Amazon and Apple music

Longer ago than I wish to remember, I wrote the music for the GRACE LP, reflecting the sound of the seventies. Since then, when I was conductor of the Amsterdam Staff Band and the Amsterdam Staff Songsters, I have recorded a good number of traditional Salvation Army CDs. I have long felt an inner desire, however, to do a recording in very different contemporary styles than is usual for The Salvation Army.


It was now or never, since one of the many blessings of the Norway, Iceland and the Færoes Territory, where I serve as the territorial commander, is that it has its own, professional recording studio. The SA Studio is administered and operated by Morgan Evja, a Norwegian Salvationist who is a highly skilled recording engineer. I am indebted to Morgan for the very fine job he has done with this CD.


My only wish is that through it men and women, boys and girls will open their hearts to God’s miracle of salvation and sanctification through the love and sacrifice of his son, Jesus Christ, the saviour of the world and the only way to God. For this purpose, and this purpose alone, I recorded this CD and wrote the title song Let him do a miracle in you.


The lyrics of Self-inflicted and I want to be a bridge, are from the pen of General John Gowans. Set to jazz style music, these powerful lyrics are included as a tribute to this great man of God – a visionary and inspiring leader.


When asked, my friend and colleague Major Richard Mingay was immediately ready to write two sets of lyrics for this CD. It was a joy to write music to his meaningful and moving lyrics of I found an Angel and The Song of Thomas.


In him your life will never end, I wrote for and dedicated to my sister Lientje, who has been diagnosed with ALS/motor neuron disease. The lyrics, in which I personally address my sister, are emotionally very significant to me. Lientje knows and loves Jesus as her saviour and Lord and though her days on earth are numbered, in him her life will never end. Lientje’s eldest son, David, who is a professional trumpet player, plays the flugelhorn solo in the recording of this song as a beautiful tribute to his mother.


Dick Krommenhoek

Oslo, November 2015


DEMO - If not for you

DEMO - Dear Lord there are these things

DEMO - Let Him do a miracle in you

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