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JESUS I VÅR TID                                                                    Unison + chords or brass / Congregational singing     Music: Dick Krommenhoek                                                Norwegian                        

Lyrics: Jostein Nielsen




´Jesus i vår tid´, meaning ´Jesus in our time´, was chosen to be the theme of the 2014 territorial congress of the Norway, Iceland and Faeroes territory. For many decades the Norwegian congresses have been a spiritual highlight of the territory. The 2014 congress was no exception and God touched the hearts of the people of the territory through special guests Commissioners Jim and Carol Knaggs.

Only a couple of weeks before the congress I felt that the theme would be lifted to a higher level if we had a song written to it. When approached, Major Jostein Nielsen was immediately ready to do the lyrics and I then did my utmost to write music that would provide the best possible vehicle to carry these wonderful words.

The song was warmly welcomed and sung in every meeting.



In the chorus, the words repeatedly say: ´We are Jesus in our time`. Though this is quite a daring statement to take responsibility for, we need to realise that this is exactly what Jesus urges us to be and to do. In Matthew 5 Jesus instructs his followers to be ´the salt of the earth and the light of the world´! And in John 14 he says ´whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these´! It just won´t get clearer than this.

The reality is that the only Jesus most people are likely to see is the Jesus they see in you and me.

Jesus in our time becomes reality when you and I let him shine through us, by the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit. The world has not said ´no´ to Jesus, they just don´t know what he looks like!



The song is to be sung in unison and is specifically written to be used for congregational singing.


The song works well with piano by means of the chord symbols provided.

However the song works best with brass accompaniment. The brass parts can be obtained from the ´downloads section´ on this page.


Getting the tempo right is vital!



Norwegian – Unison + chords

Brass accompaniment (Full Score + 18 Parts)

Jesus i vår tid - Program Notes (1 Page)




               Jesus i vår tid - FINALE mp3 file


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