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D!ck Krommenhoek



by Dick Krommenhoek


The Salvation Army is firmly grounded in the ´Priesthood of all believers´ - meaning that theologically there is no single difference between a SA soldier and a SA officer.

Yet, officers are essential in the structure and for the fruitfulness of The Salvation Army as well as for the life and future of the Movement.


It is therefore important to ensure the highest level of understanding in officers themselves concerning the characteristics and the role model function of their officership, as well as to communicate this to those we seek to encourage to consider becoming officers. 


The intention of ´A reflection on officership in The Salvation Army´ is to provide an in-depth view of the characteristics and role model function of officership. The aim is for the material to be used in teaching and dialogue with officers, as well as for officer training colleges and candidates training. In addition, the sharing of this material with soldiers, adherents and employees will not only help to create a higher level of understanding of Salvation Army officership, but will hopefully also challenge and inspire our people to willingly and prayerfully give consideration to the vocation of officership. 

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